You're perfectly worth it, forget your mistakes


Aaaaaahhhhh!!! ABC Family picked up Young & Hungry season 2!!! I am so excited I am literally kissing Emily’s ass.  So proud of the whole team and cast of this show, truly talented people.



i’m honestly one of those people that are just there like yeah i have friends and people talk to me but i’m nobody’s favorite person and nobody looks forward to talking to me everyday or anything and it sucks

This is so relatable it hurts

Me during the day: I'm so fucking tired oh my God I can't wait to go to bed tonight
Me during the night: Let's download the top 100 songs from the 90s and listen to them all while writing a novel and watching an entire season of something and maybe rearrange my room

Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix


“A castle, a princess, and us stopping an evil guy from ruling the world sounds real to you?” …. "Don’t forget The Beatles song"


Ian Harding at the 2014 Men’s Fitness Game Changers part at Pailhouse in West Hollywood, California. // September 17th, 2014


how can people even be cute, tell me your secrets


@halfadams how is it possible to love you even with that stache. Got a new @funnyordie with the hilarious @igotler @wgreenbe @bodhispapa @drewhowerton and Mr. Pine. Guys, thanks for letting me get medieval on your asses. Check it out. “Pa-Gents”.

Title: Girl Like You

Artist: Hot Chelle Rae

Played: 144 times